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Rubies of Eventide Gathering

Rubies of Eventide has extensive gathering systems. You must obtain your initial skill at character creation or from a trainer. All additional skill can be achieved with practice. You can increase your gathering skills by spending development points but this not a wise practice.

The gathering skills are herbalism, hunting and mining. The in game documentation describes the skills as follows


Herbalism is not completely implemented as of January 2008

Herbalism is the art of finding and collecting herbs for use in Enchanging, Alchemy, Calligraphy and other crafting skills. Herbalism allows your character to find a variety of herbs and types of wood in the wild. It also adds to your character's Lore skill for the purpose of Identifying herbs and woods.

A Herbalist is one who has specialized in finding and identifying growing plants. Search, Lore, and Alchemy or Fletching may be useful secondary skills for an Herbalist to consider.


Hunting is not completely implemented as of January 2008

The Hunting skill includes knowing what animal parts are useful for a wide variety of things and finding those that are useful. The skill mainly aids in finding useful items that the untrained eye might overlook. While these items cannot immediately be used, a Huntsman can collect many ingredients for use with Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing and Fletching skills, and thus is often a useful person to have around when fighting rare beasts that contain possible components.

As a person learns more Huntsman skill, they will be able to find rarer and more obscure items, and they will have a better chance of finding them in a useful state. Lore and Search are complementary skills for a Huntsman.


The Mining skill represents the knowledge needed to find and Identifying rocks, gems, minerals and metals. Though finding some items may requore the use of mining tools, many inexpensive stones can be found on the surface or in the cavern walls without tools.

A Miner is one who has specialized in the art of Mining. Since metals and gemstones are used for many things, including Alchemy, Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Lapidary and spellcastering, one who is skilled in mining can make a reasonable amount of coin with their skills.

As a person becomes a more efficient miner, they will become more efficient and skilled at gathering various types of metals and gems.


Lore of Eventide offers the following guides for mastering the Gathering skills offered in Rubies of Eventide.

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