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Rubies of Eventide is full of lore and legends. Discovering the lore behind the game is one of the challanges to the game. Herein Lore of Eventide presents those tidbits of knowledge that may be useful to the adventurer which do not fit in any other category. Quests and equipment have their own sections. Anything left over is lumped into the general category.

  • Rubies of Eventide has an extensive Faction system. The known factions and actions that affect faction are listed.
  • Each class in Rubies of Eventide are devoted to one of the Gods of Vormis. These gods and their alliances are listed.
  • Several interesting boss mobs are worth hunting.
  • Weapons and spells all have a specific Damage Type. Each damage type and how these map into life forces is examined.
  • Rubies of Eventide has a basic guild system. More details can be found about the Rubies of Eventide Guilds system.
  • soulpoints / rubies post from official Rubies of Eventide forum.
  • Have you ever wondered what the Scrolls of Ralix from the imps are for? Check out the lore behind the Scrolls of Ralix
  • Windowed Mode tells you why you don't want to run Rubies of Eventide in windowed mode, then tells you how you can.
  • Rubies Experience Cap Explanation.
  • Rubies of Eventide is a growing game with more content added regularly. Lore of Eventide has collected a list of the current zones.


Cyberwar released a fansite a while ago with lots of interesting graphics including an old map of the world. That map is several years old, dating back to when Rubies of Eventide was being developed as a pay to play game with a full time development staff. There are no guarentees that the new staff has any intentions to use any of the old lore.

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